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The UT System Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS) is the domain name registration authority for four domains. More information about each is below.


OTS-managed Domains
Domain Registration Form (now managed by NeuStar ) (Reverse DNS Lookup) IN-ADDR.ARPA Domain Registration Form (now managed by NeuStar ) TENET.EDU Domain Modification Form



As of 12:00 Noon CDT, Monday, October 27, 2008 the University of Texas System/THEnet ceased to provide domain registration services for DST.TX.US and for LIB.TX.US. Registration services for DST.TX.US and for LIB.TX.US are now managed by NeuStar, Inc.

Since 2001 NeuStar has functioned as the manager of the .US Top Level Domain name space, under contract with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

In order to interact with NeuStar you will need to provide NeuStar with registration documents, per the instructions in FAQ #17 at the NeuStar web site. The first step in the process will be to complete, sign, and return to NeuStar the US Domain Registration Agreement (referenced in FAQ #17).

Please direct any questions regarding the US Domain Registration Agreement or NeuStar's domain registration services and policies to, (888) 415-0365.


Other Domain Registration Authorities

For a list of other common domains used by THEnet subscribers, including which types of organizations are eligible to use them and links to their registration authorities, please visit Other Domain Registration Authorities.

Note about Privacy

Domain and network number contact information is considered public information and therefore may be published. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


OTS-managed Domains

OTS manages the domains for the OTS-assigned IP networks. Across the Internet, the domain is used for reverse mapping for Internet numbers, translating the IP address to a hostname. Within the domain are subdomains for each network, based on network number in reverse order (e.g., for the address space).

THEnet and UTSN subscribers must use the IN-ADDR.ARPA Domain Registration Form to register, modify or delete existing "reverse" or domains for the net numbers that they have obtained from THEnet. Currently, there are no registration or maintenance charges for domain names in the OTS-managed name space.

Note: If you have not received network numbers from OTS, you must contact your own Internet service or network number provider.

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The Texas Education Network domain is frozen and only modifications or deletions to existing domain names are accepted. Existing domain holders and public schools, school districts, and Education Service Centers (ESCs) that wish to register a new domain name should consider registering within the .edu, or .org domains.

Current domain holders should submit the TENET.EDU Domain Modification Form to modify or delete existing domain names. There is no charge for modifications within the name space.

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