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The UT System Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS) provides a number of services for THEnet subscribers and UT System Network (UTSN) members in support of networking and Internet connectivity. Please read the short descriptions below and then click on the appropriate service name.


Domain Name Registration

OTS is the domain name registration authority for three Texas-related domains and the reverse domain for OTS-assigned network numbers. In addition, we list other domains commonly used and their appropriate registration authorities.

Internet Access

Through THEnet and UTSN, OTS provides Internet connectivity to UT System universities and health institutions and to education, research and health care organizations in Texas.

Internet2 Access

In addition to commodity Internet, OTS provides Internet2 access to qualified educational organizations in Texas.

IP Net Number Assignments

OTS acts as a network number registry for THEnet subscribers and UTSN members. Organizations may request IP network number assignments from OTS based on their anticipated need.

Secondary DNS Name Service

OTS will provide secondary DNS name service for most domains maintained by THEnet subscribers and UTSN members.


Check out the Tools page for supporting documentation and interactive services available to THEnet subscribers and UTSN members.