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Managed by the UT System Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS), THEnet is a subscriber service that offers Internet access upon request to education, research and health care institutions in Texas. OTS does not offer service for commercial or for-profit activities.

OTS offers IP-based network services to THEnet subscribers via the UT System Network (UTSN), a high-performance backbone network that provides advanced networking capabilities to UT System universities and health institutions. THEnet subscribers have access to leading-edge research, state and national collaborative network initiatives, and international peering.

THEnet offers:

OTS also offers Internet2 access for qualified organizations in Texas. See Internet2 Access for more information about connecting to the national network super-highway for research and education.

How to Subscribe

A prospective subscriber organization that wishes to connect to the Internet via THEnet must contact the UT System Office of Telecommunication Services via email or phone:

OTS Network Information and Services (NIS)
(512) 471-8530

If an email is sent, organizations must:

If your eligibility qualifications are verified, OTS will reply to your email and:

Connecting to THEnet

While detailed information will be shared after your request to subscribe is accepted, please see Connecting to THEnet for some of the steps you will need to take to set up your connection.