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As a service to THEnet subscribers and UTSN members, the UT System Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS) will provide IP network number assignments upon request.

OTS assigns CIDR IP address blocks to THEnet and UTSN organizations depending on the anticipated number of hosts within each network. The organization's network administrator then assigns specific IP addresses to specific devices (or hosts) out of these blocks. Network numbers are a limited resource, so we ask that you request only enough network blocks to fulfill your current need. If you need more numbers later, you may request them at that time. A good rule of thumb is that if you do not plan on deploying a CIDR block and assigning addresses from it within the next month, then you should hold off requesting numbers.

Note about Privacy: Domain and network number contact information is considered public information and therefore may be published.

Requesting IP Net Number Allocations

To request THEnet-allocated IP network number or block of network numbers, THEnet members should complete and submit the THEnet IP Net Number Request form.

Before submitting the request, THEnet members should choose the size of the network block(s) needed. Due to ever-increasing restrictions on our ability to obtain address space from the ARIN, OTS requires justification for all net number requests regardless of their size. Please investigate how many different sites will need to be served, how many networks there are at each site, and how many hosts there are on each network. Also please work out any subnetting plans, which would allow individual network numbers to be used on more than one network.